I’ve been coming back to this series of photos all year. Despite always wanting to share them I haven’t been able to. I just can’t seem to find their words … oh well. I guess that’s what’s always drawn me to photography - that I can see what I can’t possibly say. 

These photographs are of one of my closest friends, Marg, last summer in Utah at the old “girls cabin” on our family’s farm. I see them as a self portrait.

I remember last summer and the uncertainty I felt; the unease about almost everything. But for these moments it became for me to see - the dullness, and a past, together with a soft + constant light. Now these images let me hope.

This summer feels different. There is an undoubtable ease + a different kind of color. But I am still drawn to these images, still asking myself what about them grabs at me so much. I think it’s that they let me see myself, and where I know I’ll find myself again. 

And I’m not afraid.